LAVA Shine available exclusively in Chattanooga at Super Shine CarwashLAVA Shine available exclusively in Chattanooga at Super Shine CarwashSimoniz Hot Wax - 100% Pure Carnauba WaxBug Prep now availableTry our new and improved Tire ShineLAVA Shine available exclusively in Chattanooga at Super Shine Carwash
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your carwash safe for my vehicle?
Yes. We use only soft cloths and safe soaps to clean your vehicle. Our wrap material is non-porous. There is no chance of trapping dirt from other vehicles and damaging your vehicle.

Super Shine Carwash tunnels are equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment available. This is not your typical out-of-date carwash system.

Wash your vehicle with confidence at Super Shine Carwash.

Is your carwash safe for the environment?
Absolutely! In fact, it is much more environmentally friendly to wash your vehicle at Super Shine Carwash than in your driveway. We treat and recycle approximately 60% of our water. We use far less water per vehicle than you would use washing your vehicle at home.

Our waste water is sent directly to a water treatment plant, unlike washing in the driveway, where the waste water goes down the storm drain and can end up as run-off in local rivers, lakes or stream.

Do you detail cars?
No, we do not offer detail services.

However, we do offer free vacuums and air drops, lint free drying towels, glass cleaner, air freshener and a free carpet mat cleaner for our customers to use with every wash.

We request that you return the drying towels, glass cleaner and air freshener back to the cart when you are finished using them so that our other customers may use them also.

Do you prep cars?
Yes. Our top two packages LAVA Shine 'n Wax and Hot Wax Wash include bug prepping by our employees. They will spray your vehicle with bug juice and hand scrub to loosen bugs prior to your wash.

This is available as an extra for only $3 on our other wash packages.

What is LAVA Shield?
Our premier package the All Star Special includes LAVA Shield which is a four-step process that gives your car a phenomenal shine. This is available as an extra for only $4 on all our other wash packages.

What is Hot Wax?
Our top two packages the All Star Special and the Hot Wax and Shine feature Simoniz Hot Wax and Shine. Our unique application process applies 100% Carnauba Wax to your entire vehicle resulting in ultimate body protection. Try it and you will immediately feel the difference on your vehicle.

This is available as an extra for only $4 on all our other wash packages.

Will my truck or van fit in your wash?
All vehicles must be lower than 7-feet, 2-inches in height. Low suspension vehicles must have a minimum ground clearance of at least 4-inches. No tires wider than 12-inches in width. No dually trucks are allowed.

Can I go through your carwash with items in my truck bed?
No. All truck beds must be completely cleaned out before entering the wash.

Will the automatic pay station give back change if I choose to use cash to pay for a carwash?
Yes. Our automatic pay station can make change for up to $20 bills.

Do I need to show my receipt to the attendant when I enter the carwash tunnel?
No. Our computer system knows which wash you purchased and will program the tunnel accordingly.

As you approach the tunnel you will see a confirmation sign that indicates what wash and extras you are receiving.

How does the carwash know which wash I bought?
If there are multiple customers at the automatic pay stations, the gate will open for the customer who completes his transaction first. At that time, the computer puts that customer in line and programs the tunnel with his wash accordingly. The computer will continue to open the gates and program the tunnel according to the order in which customers pay for their wash.

Do you offer gift cards?
Yes. Gift cards are available for purchase in any amount. They can be used at both locations. And they never expire.

Stop by either location to purchase a gift card today.

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